Adult photo
Kitten photo
Best of Variety Siamese Kitten 
Supreme 2003
BIS Siamese kitten British Empire 2004
Overall BIS Siamese Exhibit @
Southern Counties 2004
Overall BIS Siamese Exhibit @
Seal point 2004
Overall BIS Siamese Exhibit @
Somerset Show 2004
Gr Ch Abicasa Celeste Aida 32b1
BOV Siamese Kitten KKNCC show 2007 
Overall BIS Siamese SWCCC show 2007
Overall BIS Siamese Kentish show 2007
BOB Lilac point Adult at Supreme Nov 07
BOV Siamese Adult Maidstone & Medway Dec 07
BOV Siamese Adult Surrey&Sussex 2008
Became a Grand Champion at the Essex show April 08 at 14 months old
Became a Premier at the Balinese & Siamese show July 08
BOV Siamese Neuter at SWCCC Oct 08
BOB Lilac point Neuter & a Grand Premier at the Supreme Nov 08 at 21 months old
BOV Female Neuter SPSCC Feb 09
BOV Siamese Neuter London CC June09
She became an Imperial Grand Premier at the Wiltshire show in July 09
Awarded her first UKGrPr at the Supreme 2010
Overall BOV Siamese Exhibit at East Sussex show April 2011
She becamea UK & Imperial GrPr at the Supreme show Nov 2011
GrCh & UK & Imp GrPr 
Abicasa Carmina Burana 24c
Pete was awarded his 3rd GrPr certificate at the Wiltshire show July 09 so is now a Grand  Premier. 
He now has 3 Imp GrPr certificates and several Res ImpGrPr certificates.And was awarded BOV Siamese Neuter at the Croydon CC show in Feb 2011
BOV Siamese Neuter at Eastern Counties show July 2011
Pete gained his new Imperial title at the Surrey & Sussex show March 2012
Imperial Gr Pr Abicasa Peer Gynt  24n
Grace became a champion at the age of 11 months in 3 consecutive shows.She won her first Grand certificate at the Three Counties show August 2010 after having her first litter of 4 kittens in May. She had 5 kittens in Oct 2010 and was awarded her 2nd GrCC at the Southern Counties show in Jan 2011.
She became a Grand Champion in 3 consecutive shows at the Croydon show Feb 2011
Gr Ch Abicasa Amazing Grace 24
BIS Siamese Kitten London CC show 2006
BIS Siamese Kitten Balinese & Siamese 2006
Overall BIS Siamese @ Bucks Ox& Berks  2006
BIS Siamese Adult at TPS&PBC show 2006
BOV Siamese Adult @Three Counties show Aug 09

He became an Imperial Grand Champion at the Maidstone & Medway Show Dec 09

Our dear stud boy who is so loving and siring strong purry kittens

Imp Gr Ch Glenthorne Constantine
(photo courtesy of Alan Robinson)
 BIS Male Kitten Choc point  2001
BOB Chocolate point Adult Supreme 2001
BOV Siamese Neuter Southern counties  2002
BIS Male Neuter Siamese Cat Assoc 2003
BOB Chocolate point Neuter Supreme 2004
Imperial Gr cert.@ Wessex CC  2006
UK Gr Premier cert @ Supreme 2006
Became a UK Grand Premier at the  Supreme 2007
 Ch & UK GrPr Abicasa Bramble Bear 24b
BIS Male Kitten Choc Point show 2003
BIS Adult Siamese CS Scotland 2003
BIS Male Adult Sealpoint show 2004
BIS Adult Siamese CS Scotland 2004
BIS Adult Caramel & Apricot soc 2006
Awarded Rylil Cup for Overall best Caramel point siamese in 2004
 2nd GrCC & Overall BIS Siamese & Overall BIS Pedigree cat at Cumberland show Oct 2007
3rd GrCC at Preston & Blackpool show March 2008
He got his 5th ImpGrCh at Cumberland Oct 08 and is the first ever Caramel point male siamese to become a
Gr Ch and now an ImpGr Ch 
Imp Gr Ch Abicasa Thegypsybaron  24n
 (photo courtesy of Robert Fox)
BIS Siamese Neuter Wiltshire show 2004
Gino gained his Imperial title at the Croydon show in Feb 2009

He is  Gr Ch Abicasa Celeste Aida's litter brother

 Imp Gr Pr Abicasa Dongiovanni 24a
BOV Siamese Kitten London CC show June 09
BOV Siamese Neuter at National CC  Nov 09
Overall BIS exhibit Caramel & Apricot  May 10
BOV Siamese Neuter Southern Counties Jan 11
Overall BOV Siamese Exhibit at KK&NCC show July 2011
BOV Male Siamese Neuter at Caramel & Apricot show May 2012
Became an Imperial GrPr in September 2012
Imp Gr Pr Abicasa Cyberspirit 24n
(photo courtesy of Alan Robinson)
Overall BIS Siamese Kitten Southern CCshow Jan 2003.
BIS Male Kitten   Northern Siamese Show April 2003.
BIS Male Adult and best Blue Point at the Blue Point Siamese Show August 2003.
He became a Champion at the Teeside CC Show September 2003 where he won his 3rd CC
 4th CC at the Cumberland Show.
In November 2003 he was re-registered as a caramel point and neutered.
Ch Abicasa The Pearlfisher 24a
BOV Siamese Kitten Somerset show 2000
BIS Female Kitten Blue point show 2000
Overall BIS Siamese Somerset show 2002
BIS Female Adult Blue point show 2005

Bella is our beautiful blue point girl who is the mother of 
IMP Gr Ch Abicasa Thegypsybaron 
Ch Abicasa The Pearlfisher &
Gr Pr Abicasa Nessun Dorma

Gr Ch Shermese Abicasa Bella 24a
BOV Siamese Kitten London CC show June 2010
BOV Siamese kitten Three Counties show August 2010
Became a Champion at the Supreme 2010
She has since become a Grand Champion and is now a happy show neuter
BOV Siamese Neuter@ Somerset show June 2012
Gr Ch & Gr Pr Abicasa Nella Fantasia 24n
Kiri is the mother of our outstanding trio:

Gr Ch Abicasa Celeste Aida, 
Imp Gr Pr Abicasa Dongiovanni and 
Ch Abicasa Myfair lady

 Abicasa Kiri Tekanawa (2CC's) 24


Overall BIS Siamese at Blue Point show 2001
BIS Siamese Neuter at Siamese CS Scotland 2002


Ch & Gr Pr Abicasa Nessun Dorma 24a


BIS Siamese KittenKensington K&NCC 2003
Became a Champion at the Midshires 2004

Ch  Abicasa Myfairlady 32b1
Ch Abicasa Panis Angelicus 24
Ch Abicasa My Cherie Amour 32.8
BOV Siamese kitten West of England 2005
Sire of Tia ( Abicasa Puttingon the Ritz)
and Grandfather of Pete
Abicasa Prince Igor 24b
Pr Abicasa Ave Maria 32.3
 Pr Abicasa Mario Lanza 24
Pr Abicasa Esther 32.1
BIS Siamese Kitten Midshires show 1999


BOV Siamese kitten at the Wiltshire show 2007
BOV Siamese kitten at the West of England 2007

 Abicasa Don-Pasquale 32.1