(click his name for his pedigree)
Imperial Grand Champion
Glenthorne Constantine
(seal point)
 (carries  blue and chocolate)
and his offspring have been seal, blue, chocolate, caramel and lilac
with his superb sapphire blue eye colour and loving nature.

He is now at CLOSED PRIVATE stud only

He is siring strong purry kittens several of whom have excelled on the show bench including our own
Carrie (lilac), Pete (blue), Grace (seal) and Poppy (lilac) Izzie (lilac) and George (lilac) and Charlie (chocolate)

His latest most successful offspring is Imp GrPr Mianja Mickey Pearce who was awarded BOV Siamese Neuter at the Supreme 2014

We are delighted to have this loving, gentle boy and thank Elizabeth & Peter for entrusting him to us.
He has a fabulous loving nature and loves everyone who meets him and he  passes  this temperament on to his offspring.

He has had a very successful show career and has been awarded
7 BOV Siamese and 1 Overall BIS Siamese


GrCh & UK & Imp GrPr Abicasa Carmina Burana (lilac) 2 BOV Siamese Kitten 10 BOV & 4 Overall BIS Siamese
Imp GrPr Mianja Mickey Pearce 1 BOV Siamese kitten 5 BOV & 1 Overall BIS
Imp GrPr Abicasa Peer Gynt (blue) 2 BOV Siamese Kitten & 5 BOV Siamese Neuter
Abicasa Champagne Charlie (chocolate) Overall BOV Siamese Southern Counties 2015
Overall Best Alter at FantasTICA show 2015
GrCh & GrPr Abicasa Nella Fantasia (caramel) 1 BOV  Kitten & 3 BOV  Neuter & 1 Overall BIS Siamese
GrCh Abicasa Amazing Grace (seal)
GrCh & Imp GrPr Adeciam Tigermoon Jazmin (seal) 1 BOV Siamese Kitten & 3 BOV Adult
GrPr Abicasa Moonshadow (lilac) (3 IMP GP)
GrCh Belgarion Jezabelle (blue) 1 BOV Siamese Adult
Imp GrPr Abicasa Cyberspirit (lilac) 1 BOV  Kitten & 2 BOV Neuter & 1 Overall BIS Siamese
Ch Abicasa Ithadtobeyou (lilac) 1 BOV Siamese Adult
Gr Ch Abicasa Princess Abigaille (blue)
Gr Ch Abicasa Isadora (lilac) 1 BOV Siamese Kitten 
1 BOV Siamese Adult
Imp GrCh  Adelfium Tigermoon Mizzola (seal) 1 BOV Siamese Kitten & 2 Overall BOV Siamese
Abicasa Little Gem (1CC) 1 BOV Siamese Kitten
Abicasa Careless Whisper (seal) 1 BOV Siamese Kitten
Imp GrCh Weikuo Black Rani  1 BOV Oriental Kitten & 2 BOV Oriental Adult
Ch Abicasa Gabriella TICA Champion 3 BOV Siamese kitten
GrCh Abicasa Champagne Charlie TICA SGCA & RW 1 Overall BOV Siamese